Monday, May 31, 2010


Alright so I dabbled in creative writing this past year, and I wrote a couple of poems. They are both inspired by Dali paintings. I just wrote what I felt the moment I saw them, and honestly I ended up writing them in roughly 2 minutes haha. The first one is a sonnet, and the second one is a free form poem. 

Sonnet for Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bumble bee around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening

She lay on the rocks floating in the water
While the elephants stand near holding ships on their backs
The rocks are soft and let her drift farther
The pomegranate swims as the tiger covers its tracks
The bayonet stings as it approaches her neck ever so pale
She lies there quietly and starts to dream
The elephant’s legs grow longer and more frail
She awakes to the boiling river beginning to steam
The fish tries to swallow the tiger twice it’s size
The rock begins to melt, leaving her to die
While the elephant approaches with each long stride
The bee stings her once as she makes one last cry
She awakens in her bed far from her dream
As she looks out the window at the sky and it’s gleam.

Ode to Three Sphinxes of Bikini

My first mind clouds as it forms to your body
The smoke fills me up as I try to step forward
It creeps down my neck and it approaches my spine
Without your cloud, I can’t make up my mind.

My second mind crosses over and over
As each branch twists and twines
The leaves slowly creep down my neck
But this time I don’t have a spine
It’s broken in half
Nothing can hold me.

My third mind, the lonely one
The clouds begin to intertwine
I stand high on the mountain holding me up
This mountain I now call my spine.

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