Saturday, February 5, 2011

Healthy Skin

Ever since I was a baby I've had extremely dry and irritated skin. My mother would slather me in medicated Galaxal I would end up going to school with a white face because the cream was so thick. On top of having dry skin, I have keratosis pilaris. Although this skin condition is highly common, it's very hard to treat and is pretty much permanent. 
Grown tired of my itchy, red, flaky skin, I have tried countless products to treat my skin. 
I've tried galaxal, lubriderm, aveeno, and vaseline. After years of searching, I owe my soft skin to LUSH cosmetics. I was so happy when I tried their creams because they actually work. My keratosis is much smaller, my skin is not longer red and it is also buttery smooth. 
If you have dry skin like I do I recommend a hydrating cream - try LUSH dream cream
For my face I use a calamine/sea weed face wash, a rose water based toner and a vanilla cream that's great for sensitive skin.
To treat my dry skin in the winter I use an oatmeal and banana face mask that works like a charm
So there you have my regimen for healthy, clean, and nourished skin. Take it from me, this stuff really works!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Best Beauty Buys

My mother is a make-up artist, so naturally I've been obsessed with makeup ever since I was a little girl. Although it was only a couple of years ago that I actually BEGAN wearing makeup on a regular basis. Embracing my feminine side, I started off with a moisturizer, some chapstick, and a swipe of mascara.
After a while and lots of experimenting, I have found the best products that work for my fair skin.

Because my skin is fair, I have redness. To even out my skin tone and adding warmth to my face, I have found that the best concealer is Benefit's Some Kind-A Gorgeous compact. It's a cream to powder concealer that's oil free and matches my skin tone perfectly. I use the 'medium', because this is meant for most skin tones. I steer clear of concealer that's too pale, because it makes me look washed out.
A tip is to go a shade darker (don't over do it!) this way it adds color to your face without looking too fake. 

I am obsessed with blush. I find just a little bit can really add warmth and a healthy glow to your face. Some of my favorites are NARS the multiple in Orgasm, benefit's coralista, and MAC's Cream color blush in Virgin Isle.
Although in the winter I love to be pale with rosy cheeks, in the summer I opt for a bronzer/blush duo. Just blend your favorite bronzer with a hint of blush. This is also a great idea for winter time!

Lastly, I'm constantly trying out new mascaras. I've had my fair share of Chanel, Dior, Clinique, and Estee Lauder Mascaras. I have found that the latter was the best, but Chanel was great as well. The brushes tend to be too large on Dior mascaras.
Honestly, my favorite mascara bar none has got to be Cover Girl Lash Blast in very black. I have received so many compliments with this mascara. It adds so much volume and makes my lashes very black, which really makes my eyes pop out. Sometimes I don't even need to wear liquid liner. 

I love makeup and I'm always trying out different looks when I go out. However, my go to looks are always lots of mascara with liquid liner, a nice pink blush, and nude lips; Or I will go easy on the eyes by adding some goldy-pink eyeshadow, soft pink cheeks and a pink-red lip. 

Remember Me?

It has been AGES since I've blogged and I've grown to miss it. I'm usually very inconsistent and never finish anything that I start. In an effort to better improve myself, I've started making healthy habbits and I've been working hard to keep them. 
I've joined a spinning class with a friend of mine and we have been going 2-3 times every week. After three weeks, it's safe to say that I am addicted. 
I cannot begin to tell you how great I feel. I have more energy, I'm eating better and I just feel happy. I don't know how I would go months without working out, but making it a part of my routine has been one of the best things I could have done. 
After a hard break up a few months ago, I was feeling lazy, sad, and kind of cut off from the world. By exercising I began to improve my self-esteem and the endorphins made me feel much happier. 
Overall, the important thing is to find something active that you really enjoy and it wont feel like a chore every time you exercise!