Saturday, February 5, 2011

Healthy Skin

Ever since I was a baby I've had extremely dry and irritated skin. My mother would slather me in medicated Galaxal I would end up going to school with a white face because the cream was so thick. On top of having dry skin, I have keratosis pilaris. Although this skin condition is highly common, it's very hard to treat and is pretty much permanent. 
Grown tired of my itchy, red, flaky skin, I have tried countless products to treat my skin. 
I've tried galaxal, lubriderm, aveeno, and vaseline. After years of searching, I owe my soft skin to LUSH cosmetics. I was so happy when I tried their creams because they actually work. My keratosis is much smaller, my skin is not longer red and it is also buttery smooth. 
If you have dry skin like I do I recommend a hydrating cream - try LUSH dream cream
For my face I use a calamine/sea weed face wash, a rose water based toner and a vanilla cream that's great for sensitive skin.
To treat my dry skin in the winter I use an oatmeal and banana face mask that works like a charm
So there you have my regimen for healthy, clean, and nourished skin. Take it from me, this stuff really works!

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